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Design Services

Highgate recognizes that our potential clients have a wide variety of excellent products, services and suppliers to choose from.  What sets us  apart, according to our clients, is our hands-on approach to customer service.

  • Consultation: Our projects generally begin with a no-cost/ no obligation on-site consultation to determine the scope of the project, identify general requirements and familiarize ourselves with the physical space. Based on our experience we will advise on material, hardware, accessory and finish options. We can generally provide a rough estimate of costs and turnaround times at this stage.
  • Design: With the prospective client’s agreement, we will proceed to the product design stage. Using state-of-the-art design software, we incorporate our client’s needs and ideas in product designs which the client can virtually “see” before specs are finalized. Depending on scope and complexity several meetings may be required.
  • Project Management: Again, depending on the scope and complexity of the overall project we may offer our services in a project management capacity. In this scenario we would be responsible for coordinating the efforts of any required sub-contractors eg plumbers, electricians. Alternatively, we are happy to simply be part of a project team carrying out our specific responsibilities under the direction of a third party project manager. We have performed successfully under both of the above scenarios.